Matthew McConaughey hints at a run for Governor. Again.

Over the last 13 months, Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey has been wrestling with an abundance of roles and character opportunities.

He assumed the role as Minister of Culture for the University of Texas, released a memoir that quickly became a New York Times bestseller, and expressed interest in literally wrestling as part of the WWE.

Plus, he hinted at and denied a possible Texas governor run. And now he’s hinted at it again.

During an interview with Graham Bensinger the Academy Award winning actor pondered a scenario where he curtails his acting career in lieu of something else, and he leaned into leadership. He says he doesn’t have plans to stop acting, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking about other career paths:

I am very intrigued with this idea of where it’s best to spend my time: whether it’s speak of governor or leadership roles, or Minister of Culture.”

The 51-year-old Texas native followed up his mention of “governor,” with clarification that he wants to invest his time and energy wherever he “can be most useful,” adding:

“I’m most excited about culture, who we are as a people and as individuals, as in my state of Texas as Texans, and our nation of the United States as Americans, and worldwide as a species, who we are as a civilization moving forward.”

McConaughey previously addressed potential political aspirations in mid November, telling radio host Hugh Hewitt that the decision to run “…wouldn’t be up to me. It would be up to the people more than it would me.”

But when Stephen Colbert asked McConaughey about his comments from the Hewitt radio interview, the immediacy of a prospective run in November 2022 — the next Texas gubernatorial race — dampened significantly. McConaughey said, “Right now, no. I don’t get politics. Politics seems to be a broken business… ”

Does this mean that we’re more likely to see a political pivot from McConaughey in 2026? Will he join former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura as another celebrity who decided that they can be most useful enacting and redacting state legislation?

McConaughey’s interview airs nationwide this weekend on the syndicated interview show In Depth with Graham Bensinger. Check your local listings for air times.